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That day when the cock crows,
I will give a befitting yawn,
When the sun creeps into the the skies of that faithful dawn
When the sun gifts it’s tattoo across the lawn
I will give a satisfying stretch

I will scream to the tune of my creaking bed
And sigh to the sounds of the gong gong
I shall walk where I never dared
Where the eyes of detractors burn red
I will bathe in their stares

That day when the cock crows
I will honor my palms with tears
As I cleanse my eyes from fears
When the church bell rings
I will cut lose my tongue

That day when the cock crows
When time sees me worthy,
And destiny considers me honorable
I will give a resounding laugh
And bear a face good enough for a caption of history

#THMpoetry © 2018



Dreadful thoughts plagued my mind
With every breath it winds up
I’m accompanied by pain
On this path of loneliness
With regrets as my walking stick
I walked with the fool’s pride
And greeted with the salutes of disgrace.

Soaked with croaked melodies
For that is all my sorry self can afford
My tomorrow I fear
Another verse I wish not hear
Oh why do I recount?
Maybe to grant me redemption…
Am i even worth it?

I’ve searched for it
I’ve thirsted for it
I yearned to taste it
Do you realise it too?
Sorry I dragged you into this
I bet I’m just not cut out for it
Not meant for one sweet dream

She thought otherwise
Felt my gibberish speech meant wise
I feel like in the middle of a heist
Looting my bank of disgrace
To fill with lover’s embrace
So genuine like from a new race
Looks like I will have a sweet dream after all.



The number of times you’ve tried
Can’t be equaled to the number of times the clock tics
When you think your life is at a stand still,
Remember the number of hours the sun hangs in the sky
Each day is a blessing in the armour of a test

Know the beat of your heart
And dance to its music
It’s rhythm should move your soul
Guided by your passion,
Your will to survive; be that breath of fire

Fire away to that Dreamland
Focus not on the roars of detractors
Listen to the inner you
Your ticket to the greater you
May be that which is ignored

You seek the bigger sign
And forget it takes you to make the difference
You made it a quest
When you already  had the answer;
You are the sign

#THMpoetry © 2018


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The birth of a child,
Eyes of the onlookers decides its fate
Predicted for greatness if a male.
With pride he is circumcised,
As fathers hit their chests like drums
My birth drew only nods of congratulations,
Not the usual pat on the back,
That calls for merry throughout the night to bid welcome.
From the moment the Oracle declared me a girl,
My fate was designed into an asanka.

Declared unfit to step where men left a print,
I watch the hopes of many girls fade.
Society was always quick to remind me of my place;
“You are a girl” as if it was a curse
Yet they pray to Asaase Yaa
To grant them prosperity.
When they treat me like I have no integrity.
Seeking to always see my knees kissing the earth,
For that is “my place”
As they say.

Insolent the call me, when I ask “why”
Inquisitive they brand me when I inquire “how”
As they realize “what” I can become, they declare me a threat.
Clothing me in the garment of extreme feminism.
The reward I get for a genuine criticism.
Is this the heaven I was promised,
As I ruled in my mother’s womb?
Why deliver me in the jaws of inequality?
Is it that I came with so much sin?
Or society is too sinful to accept my pureness?

Deep within I sense fear in the eyes of society,
It’s heart skips a beat as I still walk on
In this societal bondage.
You a quick to remind me that I’m weak.
In your bid to cover your tracks of insecurity
I smile at what good exudes from my being,
Though you interpret it as a roar.
I seek no vengeance, not on men or society
But I must be fed with the same spoon that feeds the “lords”
The respect of time, results in patience
It is time, my time as a Woman.

#THMpoetry ©2017

ASANKA : A traditional bowl made from clay used for cooking in Ghana .

ASAASE YAA : Name of the earth goddess known mostly in the Akan Ethnic groups in Ghana.


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Melodies soft in nature,
Yet burning like fire.
Music, piercing like a hot spear
Though soothing like a mother’s comfort.
Playing through the day,
And drawing curtains over the night.

A touch of elegance;
As you play the anthem of the night
Beneath the stare of the full moon.
Making known the silent language of the heart.
A sound as magical as the hand that holds the flute.
A sight as beautiful as the lips of the wielder, …

#THMpoetry © 2017


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A face for a moment ,
An expression for the second,
A life for the season,
A smile for the hour,
A cry for the minute.

She lives a life only she can explain
I try to dilute her gestures
Only to have it in high concentration
The many face god
Why choose me for a visit??

To be continued…

#THMpoetry © 2017


Upon the heated lands of the village
Beside the gentle waters ,
Flowing from the eyes of Mother Earth.
Beneath the mountains there I sit.
Upon the soothing carpet of nature,
I draw my hope and inspiration.
For that is the only way I adore that which is within me.
My fingers yearn for the dirt it was made for.

I cry to the mountain of my fathers,
Seeking an audience at their banquet
But all I hear is a loud silence.
Dear fathers, my fingers yearn for the dirt it was made for.
I wail to the hearing of my mothers
But I’m met with loud laughs
The output of daily today gossips.

Time has come to give hope to the green leaf.
Give it a shade to harness it’s growth.
In my mansion of solitude
I create that which is not made yet.
But with no guidance I pack it into my tent.
Elders of our heritage!!!
Do we not see innovation is in shortage
Not because none exists, but none is natured.

The gateway to success stretches it’s arms wide
Let’s ride on the new tide
The tide of enhancing youthful skills.
The wave of generational innovation.
Our dear village hungers for a handshake with the youth.
Elders of our land,
Grant the green leaves a drink of empowerment.
For with mud our fingers are covered.

#THMpoetry © 2017


Glory be to GOD for having 3 nominations.
Hoping to win them all.
Step by step we going higher
All support is required
Step by step we shall make it.

#THMpoetry © 2017


Glory be to GOD for having 3 nominations.
Hoping hope to win them all.
Step by step we going higher

#THMpoetry © 2017

I’m only a passerby
Sent by success to say hi
That with little push you can go high.
Life is only but an exam
Just believe and be calm

#THMpoetry © 2017