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Dreadful thoughts plagued my mind
With every breath it winds up
I’m accompanied by pain
On this path of loneliness
With regrets as my walking stick
I walked with the fool’s pride
And greeted with the salutes of disgrace.

Soaked with croaked melodies
For that is all my sorry self can afford
My tomorrow I fear
Another verse I wish not hear
Oh why do I recount?
Maybe to grant me redemption…
Am i even worth it?

I’ve searched for it
I’ve thirsted for it
I yearned to taste it
Do you realise it too?
Sorry I dragged you into this
I bet I’m just not cut out for it
Not meant for one sweet dream

She thought otherwise
Felt my gibberish speech meant wise
I feel like in the middle of a heist
Looting my bank of disgrace
To fill with lover’s embrace
So genuine like from a new race
Looks like I will have a sweet dream after all.



Some people do it just so right with patternful rugs , with perfect colour blending that sets the mood so perfectly. If you want your room or any space to look splendid with parttened rugs, then you should take note of the tips below. The tips explains how to effectively style patternful rugs in your home.



Its important to understand colour mixing and know that the colours you choose for your colourful rug should reflect your lifestyle. The colour of the rag should be captivating enough if that is its intended purpose. For instance in the bathroom or bedroom, you wouldn’t want a patternful rug with loud colours but rather soft ones to make be in line with the softness of the place.

In a case where you are to have more than one rugs at a particular place at the same time, ensure to have a blend of both large and small patterns. This is to prevent having two main broad patterned rugs at the same place to ensure that the detail of both rugs are easily identified.



Get for yourself a colourful patterned rug to get mood alive in your dining room, this especially suitable with a white themed dining hall. If possible get a rug with bigger source coverage than the dining hall table and I bet you will love it.

Your selection of where to place the rug is very important, you should ensure that the rug is in sync with the location, example in a room with arts filled wall, a broader rug with colourful theme is best used when placed beneath.



Get a nice themed patternful rug for your plants. If you have some potted plants around, then it will be perfect to have a rug beneath them on the floor. Think about the greens with a cheerful patternful rug, just perfect.

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It is believed that the numbers we see around us carry some sought of significance in our lives, some are considered to be lucky numbers that brings us good fortunes while some others are seen us being carriers of bad omen. Various religions have propounded meanings into numbers and how individuals can identify their lucky numbers. For those in the football fraternity, some numbers are seen as being special and unique. Numbers like 7 and 10 in football are seen as being the greater ones.

Chinese Number Meanings
According to the Chinese tradition, numbers 6,8,9 are seen as the luckiest numbers of all. They explain that the number 6 stands for “smooth and well-being.
To the people of China, it is a symbol of smoothness and uninterrupted actions or activities. 8 means wealth and good fortune to the people of China, to this effect, businesses are most likely to be associated with this number as well as the general citizenry.
For longevity, everlasting and eternal effects, the Chinese culture associates the number 9. This is stretched across the entire culture of the Chinese people. It’s the most associated number with the Emperor of China, some too use it to represent eternal love by making it double or triple.

Greek Lucky Number:
For the Greeks, the number 7 seems to be the most auspicious number and that they belive that it is not for any reason that the number & is linked to virtually every important aspect of their life.
Days of the week 7
Wonders of the world 7
Veils of Goddess Isis 7
Days of creation 7
Musical notes 7
Colours of the rainbow 7
Continents 7


Based on this, you can therefore conclude that indeed the number 7 is a very important number to the people of Greece. They therefore are very likely to associate their dealings with uch number.
Number 14 which is 7+7 is also seen as a number of luck, that is like a double portion of the special number.

How To Find Your Lucky Number
This is a question asked on different platforms every now and then. Individuals want to know which number is so special to their lives. Wikihow, has sought to explain various ways to find you special or lucky number. Example in finding your life path number, you need to use your date of birth. You need to reduce the various numbers to get three major numbers.
Example 14/11/1994 is calculated this way
Month= 11= 1+1= 2   Day= 14= 1+4 = 5 
Year= 1994= 1+9+9+4= 23= 2+3 = 5 
Then add the 3 key numbers 2+ 5+5= 12= 1+2= 3

This number with all its related believes is supposed to be experienced in the life by the bearer of this bate of birth.

Just take a little time of your busy schedule to check what your lucky number is and you might be surprised what you will find

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Do you remember the last time you run out of money when you hit the road? Either because your overspent your cash or did some impulse buying. The feeling of discomfort that goes with it is really not nice, not to talk of the fear of being stranded on your journey. Traveling on a budget should be one of the most exciting things to do, or don’t you think so?

Here Is How To Travel On A Budget:


Proactive Checks: When you have to travel on a budget, make sure you have made all your checks with regards to prices of the transportation. You wouldn’t want to get to the train station or bus terminal and be surprised with the fare you have pay. You should also check out the different routes to your destination and see which of them the most convenient one is. So try to make all necessary inquiries about the fares of whichever transportation medium you are going to use for your journey.

Selection of most convenient medium: Hey who wouldn’t want to travel in the best bus or the fly in the first class section of Boeing 707 lol.., I wouldn’t miss that opportunity at all. However I’ve got go according to my means but if I can afford that in your budget why not.  So after checking all prices and options of traveling you select the best one according to your description of convenience as far as money is concerned.

Pack up some snack: I love to get myself busy always including my mouth, which is why I don’t do without my snacks on any journey. The real trick is that when you’ve got some snack with you, you don’t buy any and if you don’t buy, you save your money for the most important part of the journey. Simple trick right? Try it you will thank me later.

Resist Impulse Buying: This is my ultimate rule, stick to the budget no matter how enticing an item may be. I motivate myself to avoid it by telling my mind that “after all it’s only a few hours journey and it wouldn’t hurt a fly if I don’t buy”. It can really get tempting at times and that’s where I fix my head phones close my eyes, lay back and enjoy some good tunes. 


Catch a Free Ride or Walk Part of it:
When hit with the scare of running low on budget and that I might get stuck on the way, I walk some part of it if possible, to shorten the distance. Shorter distance, lesser money paid. It’s sometimes actually good to walk especially when the cars are stuck in traffic. At the extreme levels, catch a free ride and save yourself the worry. However I’m very careful who I ask for a ride and I suggest you do and don’t do that if you don’t feel comfortable

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Life as a single person with all its freedom and care free attitude has its own flipside. Single life presents you with great elements which we consider as making us independent. Logic is that, a single man or woman has lesser worries but don’t forget with independence comes a higher responsibility.
Being considered as single means, you need to hold the singular responsibility of paying for your rent or mortgage, utilities, groceries, your car, car insurance, fuel and other basics from your own coffers.

Singles vrs Couples
That is not to say that couples do not experience the same expenses however, they share the expenses among themselves. This means the load won’t be on one party alone as found in the domain of the single person. With little add-ons gained aside the actual income gained by most couple they indirectly reduce the pressure of having to cater for the expenses of two people.The luxury of being able to live the life of a single person by couples is what supersedes the single livelihood especially when the couple are mostly sharing some things.
This isn’t to make you regret the decision of staying single or force you into making hasty decisions about getting a partner, but to give you the key strategies to outwit the pressures of single penalty.

Here are a few tips.
1. Tackle Your Housing Bill
The most disturbing or dominating factor is the issue of housing. Paying of your rents if not taken care of can take up all your income , so why not cater for this by getting a roommate.
Reduce the pressure of rent by getting to share with someone. You might be surprised how helpful that is.
Accepting to get a roommate replicates the life of couples in terms of sharing responsibility of paying for rent and utility expenses that would have been absorbed by yourself as a single individual   .
If you’re not comfortable with the idea of getting a roommate for some reasons most especially for privacy reasons here are some great ways to go about it;
Move into a smaller but comfortable space and embrace minimalism, the art of owning little but better and quality things. Simply put, own little but better to reduce your rent and utility cost.
Getting rid of clutter and living in a smaller space can reduce both your rent or mortgage costs and your utility bills.
Check out house-sitting gigs which allow you to live rent-free at someone else’s home in exchange for looking after their property while they’re gone, that sounds like fun right?  Try renting out a portion of your home on Airbnb. When you do not feel comfortable with getting a permanent roommate, you could at least offset a portion of your rent or mortgage payment by occasionally renting out your spare bedroom.


2. Buy in Bulk
Buying large quantities of food at the grocery store is cheaper than buying smaller single-serve packs. Buy in bulk to enjoy the benefit of large sale or wholesale discount. This will reduce your expenses and keep you going for a long time before you run out of stock again. This is better in most ways than buying in small quantities. Try to cook in large quantities and store them in the cooler while dishing out some small quantity and reheating them when needed.
This way, you still get the benefit of buying in bulk, and as a bonus, you won’t have to spend a whole bunch of time cooking other than one dedicated day per every few weeks or months.

3. Buy in Bulk and Split Things With Friends
Talk to a couple of friend who are willing to buy some stuffs at the store, mostly non-perishable goods and get them to agree to pull your things together in bulk and share afterwards. This way you reduce your expenses and fill the void with your friend’s income. That’s pretty smart and convenient for both of you as you both enjoy having bought things at s far lesser cost

4. Reduce Your Transportation
It might be is to share a car with your significant other, because you are single and might be heading towards different parts of town every now and then. It doesn’t also mean that you should almost always be locked inside your car enjoying the ride when you can actually walk to save you the cost of transportation.
In a case of not having a car, make pedestrian friendliness one of the chief criteria you look for when you’re searching for a place to live. Make a habit out of walking to places and enjoying the scenry and remember its even good for your health because it serves as exercise of sought. You might even reach a point where you won’t need a car depending on where you live.
If you do own a car, and you’re struggling to make the payments, give some thought to selling your current vehicle and replacing it with an older used car.
You can buy reliable vehicles for as little as $3,000 to $5,000.

5. Budgeting:
Be sure to budget every month or week prior to receiving your paycheck. Know what to buy within the month, how much to save etc. that will serve as a guideline to serve as a road map for spending. That reduces unnecessary spending

6. Cash over Credit Card


Try to use cash for all your shopping with little use of credit card. The temptation to spend more than necessary is high when you have direct access to a higher money base. So anytime you go shopping go with physical cash to reduce your spending because you have a limited amount of funds and will be forced to spend within that range. It also reduces impulse buying habits as compared to the use of credit card.

Being single doesn’t mean you’re confined to using chunk percentage of your income towards fulfilling basic necessities. Be innovative, live simple, live smart and seek to roll with friends who will be willing to share some few expenses with you. Try these tips to overcome the single penalty and enjoy the true independence of living a single life. A few simple moves could lower your bills by as much as hundreds every month to help you have enough for future and emergency purposes.

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The number of times you’ve tried
Can’t be equaled to the number of times the clock tics
When you think your life is at a stand still,
Remember the number of hours the sun hangs in the sky
Each day is a blessing in the armour of a test

Know the beat of your heart
And dance to its music
It’s rhythm should move your soul
Guided by your passion,
Your will to survive; be that breath of fire

Fire away to that Dreamland
Focus not on the roars of detractors
Listen to the inner you
Your ticket to the greater you
May be that which is ignored

You seek the bigger sign
And forget it takes you to make the difference
You made it a quest
When you already  had the answer;
You are the sign

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He that treats his herbs with contempt,
Eyes the beautiful African woman with disgust.
Yet scraps his torn pocket for white capsules
Sits for hours to watch a white lie in the glass,
Only to spit a wad of cola at the sound of Atumpan.

“I hate African leaders”
The anthem he so proudly sings
Yet lives like the mouse in his own house.
Preaches the gospel of white supremacy ,
To the glory of the white heaven.

He that looks to the setting sun
Cursing the very day of his naming
Like he came from the womb of a western goddess.
Making me as myself,
Did he suck a white breast ?

Chastising the scent of dear apapransa
Only to salivate over an imaginary pizza
But leaves no trace of kenkey in seconds.
He that knows not the route to his native airport,
Yet prides himself with the history of JFK

Self acclaimed political analyst,
The icon of pure family mismanagement.
So proud to endorse BBC and DW
Yet fails to use the thump to validate
his critique.
The general of matured incompetence.

Wishing to be treated like a king
Though have achieved nothing.
With a belly like a decorated pumpkin
You deserve nothing but flogging
Dear Honorable Black Racist.




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