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That day when the cock crows,
I will give a befitting yawn,
When the sun creeps into the the skies of that faithful dawn
When the sun gifts it’s tattoo across the lawn
I will give a satisfying stretch

I will scream to the tune of my creaking bed
And sigh to the sounds of the gong gong
I shall walk where I never dared
Where the eyes of detractors burn red
I will bathe in their stares

That day when the cock crows
I will honor my palms with tears
As I cleanse my eyes from fears
When the church bell rings
I will cut lose my tongue

That day when the cock crows
When time sees me worthy,
And destiny considers me honorable
I will give a resounding laugh
And bear a face good enough for a caption of history

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Posted: January 9, 2017 in QUOTES
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Take a moment and smile.  It wouldn’t hurt a fly.

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