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I’m only a passerby
Sent by success to say hi
That with little push you can go high.
Life is only but an exam
Just believe and be calm

#THMpoetry © 2017



Posted: January 9, 2017 in QUOTES
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Take a moment and smile.  It wouldn’t hurt a fly.

THMpoetry ©2017


Life folds and unfolds
Like the mat of a bedwetter ,
It carries an unbearable stench
But a perfume to the bedwetter
It twists and turns
Like the braids of Sisala woman.
Leading to a dark nowhere
Like the path to the graveyard
Though it sometimes leads somewhere
Like rout to a banquet
Hmm mbr3 abrab) tse nye no.

It runs on the decisions
Like the roll coaster on its rails
Though sometimes presents you with none.
It comes at you with unlimited puzzles
Like the app for brain boosting.
But with limited answers.
Like the principle of Economics
Life they say ,
Is how you make it
Like the craft of the blacksmith
What if there nothing to make it
Like the painter without his paint
Hmm mbr3 )bra tse yen .

© The Haymaker 2015


Posted: July 2, 2015 in HARD NUTS
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In my rat whole I have coiled,
Having nothing but leaves to cover myself.
Eating from my stomach for all around me is dark.
Breathing my life out for I’m empty Feeling itches but dare not scratch
For the little I have may peel off.

Scared to yawn for I may starve to death
Air from above comes with no comfort
Why the need to rise?
I shall fold in my hole.
Heat from my stench makes me want to peek
But I fear for my eyes

Silence has been my words
Quietness my only noise
I find myself humming
For that is my anthem
My tongue is heavy
But no one seems interested
My rat hole, my podium.

All copyrights reserved Haymaker ©2015


Posted: June 6, 2015 in QUOTES
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I sit, I yawn. I stand, I smile. For I recollect the fact that I love you.

Haymaker ©2015

All copyright reserved © Haymaker 2015