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I’m only a passerby
Sent by success to say hi
That with little push you can go high.
Life is only but an exam
Just believe and be calm

#THMpoetry © 2017



At the dawn creation
Odomankomah’s consecration
The birds chirped and sang
The waters slept still 
As the moon failed to blink its eye.
The wind moved  soothingly
Whistling to ease the tension
For a great gift to humanity
Was in the protruded belly .

At the break of the sky
By the  rays of the rising sun
As it marches to its station
The gift of leadership was born
A true beauty of selflessness
It leaked of dedication
As it carried the smile of transparency.
Then it cried!
The cry of unity

A genuine gift from Almighty
He ushers unto us gently
A gift of strength
Home of authority
Not to oppress but to care
A means to build not demolish
Leadership is of humbleness
A gift worth grabbing
A gift worth ages and centuries.

The Haymaker © 2015

© The Haymaker 2015


Life folds and unfolds
Like the mat of a bedwetter ,
It carries an unbearable stench
But a perfume to the bedwetter
It twists and turns
Like the braids of Sisala woman.
Leading to a dark nowhere
Like the path to the graveyard
Though it sometimes leads somewhere
Like rout to a banquet
Hmm mbr3 abrab) tse nye no.

It runs on the decisions
Like the roll coaster on its rails
Though sometimes presents you with none.
It comes at you with unlimited puzzles
Like the app for brain boosting.
But with limited answers.
Like the principle of Economics
Life they say ,
Is how you make it
Like the craft of the blacksmith
What if there nothing to make it
Like the painter without his paint
Hmm mbr3 )bra tse yen .

© The Haymaker 2015


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I have kept quiet for days
Or is it for ages?
Contemplating on what I see
I have kept mute over what I have heard
I smell disgust in the belly of the pure
But I have kept quiet.

Even with my undercloth faded and exposed,
I have still kept quiet.
With the gong gong beater shouting his lungs out
I have still kept quiet
Rising up to see the hungry loins of the crawling ones
I still keep quiet.

The very tree I suck my first breast under
Is being turned into charcoal
But I still keep quiet.
Choking the lungs of the unborn
With the remains of pollution
Corroding the white walls with impurity
But I still keep quiet.

I have been quiet
For ages I have been quiet.
Quietness is death

I have been quiet
All I can do is to stare.
Death has made is so.

All copyrights reserved Haymaker ©2015


Me tse dan mu so me nan gu paado,
I shame myself with who I have become
Collating my acts of good will
Has never been a problem
Not because I can pin point them,
But because there is none.
I grew up with the heart of a lamb
Soft enough to be the cloth of an ant.
Where am I now?
I guess you might brood over that.

I take my seat on the mountain of corruption
Crowned with the riches of the peasant
My trusted bank account
Strangling the nation to death;
Was the sole aim
The cries of hardship never ventured my door.
For I am in myself, hardship.
Swimming in the sweats of the emaciated bones
For Christ’s sake!!
What is their worth?

I was the spearhead of patriotism
Was I not? Truly I was
Did I not buy things?
Were they no Vats and taxes on them?
How patriotic again could I be?
At least they had their “tokens”
A fair deal that is.
We all go home satisfied.
I guess I’m not cruel?
What else could a patriotic citizen do?

Mpayinfo se aboa onnyi dua no,
Nyame na )pra no ho.
It baffles me, I was not the “aboa”
The nation I rotted and looted
Still had a lifeline.
You that is coming
Yes you! You that is bribing,
Yes you! You that is destroying,
This is our land, our home, my home.
This is our burial ground.

Swim not into the sea of darkness
Ride not on the tears of the poor
Reap not riches you never planted.
Have not the sweats of the weak as thine comfort.
You are the nation
The nation is you
Everyday for the thief, one day for the master.
Your day of reckoning approaches.
Who am I to advice?
But who are you to rob someone of his dime?

All copyrights reserved Haymaker ©2015


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)ban no dɛn?
Bɔn bɛn na medze yɛɛ wo?
Dɛ edze adaadaa dze ebowia me yaayaw
Aww bɔn bɛn?
Hwɛ dɛ me nfɛfo dze awerɛhow tse hɔ
Aso dɛm na nyamesɛm kyerɛ wo?
Anaa nnyɛ dɛm na ɛse?
Ɔdabraba nyi, me ma wo mbo!

Kyerɛ, me nka pɔtɔ kasa
Dzaa edɛ ɛtse no a
You come my land
We live here in asomdwee
Yes! we are asomdwee
You come say God God God!
You think say we know know?
We pray to Onyame.

Is He teach you to take freedom?
Is He lead you to us??
Then I say He is not God
You say you pure
I say you dirty!
Yes you are!
My father’s blood is on you

Afei tsei ma ɔnto wo dɛ
Ami nye me ara
W’adaadaa ntum nhy3 me kan do
Fa wo akotorka dɛɛdɛw no fir aha fir
Na mɔko ama me amanbrɛ
Ɔno na ɔkyer3 me bɔbew
Na ny3 dzaa aba do nyi bia
Dzaa me wɔ no ky3lɛn wo egudze
That is who I am.

All copyright reserved © Haymaker 2015