Goodnight to the world
As sleep sings me a lullaby
Putting it’s glue on my eyes
Goodnight to the world.

#THMpoetry © 2017


Always remember, your first backup team.
Is You
Cos u understand yourself better.

#THMpoetry © 2017


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Take a moment and smile.  It wouldn’t hurt a fly.

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Imagine to go high
To push you to look to the sky
Life formula.

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That moment where you look up,
Draw your motivation from the flying bird.
Cos no matter the nature of the weather,

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Bells are ringing
Lives are restoring
Birds are singing
Hopes are reviving
All around us , there is worshipping.
Cos HE lives and deserves praising.

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Solid is my heart like a rock

Yet soluble ,

Mean is my nature

Yet caring

Hateful are my ways

Yet loving

Harsh are my words

Yet truthful

Unfriendly is my style

Yet kind

Life is but an oar in sea

Each action drives you towards an end



I smile at you

You frown at me

I appreciate your efforts

You spit on my works

I praise you before others

You stab me behind my back

I trust you to help

You trust your wits to pull me down

I remember you in my prayers

You avail me to the conjurer

Life is but an oar in the sea

Each action drives you towards an end




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So much for the nature of the crocodile
It comes out of water and stays there for a while
And just as you come by,
It looks at you and winks a Hi.
Life always starts like an empty file
You begin with zero and count to nine.
Filled with delicacies ,the food ,oh not to talk of the wine.
It sweetens , loosens and carries you away unto the islands in the sky.
Making you think, the women, cars, food ,wealth, are all mine
The moment of pure fulfillment as it only remains one thing
I have everything,
Until you realize that you’ve lost something,
Then you know you have nothing.

Life is not all about seed sowing
A time to do thoughts selection ,clearing and plowing, 
The blend of all these become the success weapon
One which you shall grow to rely on.
Like the voice of my beloved
Melting down all feeling of being troubled
Her breath on mine certifies that my .life is doubled.
Like those in shinny suits in long convoys
Talking on screens with an angel’s voice
As they sip the earnings of those they lord over
Only to live their lives always looking over their shoulders
As though being hunted by the evils of the dark bunkers
Where men kill with the ideals of saving our nation.
A nation that dwells in the hands corrupt invasions.

My hustling has ended me in the porch of knowledge
There too taking only the strength of courage
Courage of standing long hours” Book-filled” sense
That which grants you passage over the fence.
Or beneath the fence, as doctrines may say.
Like the clerics in most pure garments of the day
But tainted with the filth of magic,
Oh sorry , modern day Christianity very tragic
Our poor souls hunt for a resting place
For I hear , salvation is a race.
My guess is , there is no place for losers.
But blessed are the givers.
And hopeful are the receivers.

Quote of the day

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Silence can be key.
Instant outbursts can be vital.
Calculated actions can be wise.
Its about choice,
And situational differences.


Moments ago I made you an angel
Crowning you in my heart
With every ounce of strength
Told you tales in a lovers boat;
On a ride the night of Valentine
Promised you undenied love
As I corrupted your innocent eyes
With images of love
Sang to your heart,
The very words you doubt now
After I coated your lips with a kiss.

Sorry it had to be this way
Leading you to the very path I despice
Never dreamt of making this even nightmare
But it seems so real
And clear that it scares me
With hate in your eyes
I know I’ve failed
I have reaped what I dreaded
But why???

Sorry it has to be this way
That I’m left with the very wrong option
My days are as dark as night itself
Covered in deep thoughts
Thoughts that make my heart hurt
Shame is what I feel
Anytime I see your name
I am a disappointment
Because I’ve let you down
Sorry it has to be this way
But do not doubt
When I say; I love you

The Haymaker ©2016