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Posted: April 12, 2017 in VILLAGE ROMANCE
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Among the lot ,
In the midst of shinny stars,
Within the landscape of roses ,
At the shores of maidens,
I see none that makes my heart smile.
At the parade of dancing beauties
Displaying steps of twists and turns
I see none that can make me ,me.

At the bank of the smooth waters
That flows to give life to generations
I see none that makes me wish to stare back.
In the night of story telling
I see no smile that glows brighter than flame.
That which effortlessly dances on the lips,
Causing my eye to water with love.

On the path to the market I hear no voice
That causes me to turn around
Nor follow just to listen to its music
I seen no such person
In my world of search
With one thing to fetch
No matter how far I stretch
I see no such person.

Under the great baobab tree you sit
As birds sing for you your morning hymn
Away from prying eyes you stay
Enjoying the warmth of your own presence
She that is seen not by all
For her only friend is nature.
With her she writes her heart out.
It is you I choose.

Surprised as you may be,
I see you shine among the many.
Troublesome as I may seem,
Annoying as I may sound,
Your smile is the only one I crave for
Crazy as I may act,
It is your love that I choose.

#THMpoetry © 2017



Moments ago I made you an angel
Crowning you in my heart
With every ounce of strength
Told you tales in a lovers boat;
On a ride the night of Valentine
Promised you undenied love
As I corrupted your innocent eyes
With images of love
Sang to your heart,
The very words you doubt now
After I coated your lips with a kiss.

Sorry it had to be this way
Leading you to the very path I despice
Never dreamt of making this even nightmare
But it seems so real
And clear that it scares me
With hate in your eyes
I know I’ve failed
I have reaped what I dreaded
But why???

Sorry it has to be this way
That I’m left with the very wrong option
My days are as dark as night itself
Covered in deep thoughts
Thoughts that make my heart hurt
Shame is what I feel
Anytime I see your name
I am a disappointment
Because I’ve let you down
Sorry it has to be this way
But do not doubt
When I say; I love you

The Haymaker ©2016


Posted: March 10, 2015 in VILLAGE ROMANCE


Sailing on the wide ocean,
As the sun rises to give its tution.
Into the world we both wish;
For we crave for love to be our dish.
Come sail with me;
For into your dreams I come to thee.

Against the tides we will sail;
As your name the fishes hail.
In your arms I pray to see the sun set;
Cos’ in your true loved is kept.
In joy I whistle my heart away.
For I know love is coming my way.

With trust as my oar;
I promise to make you my all.
Masting my sail of patience;
I intend waiting for my quotations.
This day, I never thought
That I will be fed love from the broken pot.

Come now my heart
For I fear no wrath.
Not of men
As I care not when.
From the land of love I hear my call
Cos’ on its bay, I drop my anchor.

Haymaker © 2015.


Posted: February 23, 2015 in VILLAGE ROMANCE


On the junction of the pale street I sat
Covering my sorrows with my hat.
In the pool of despair I wallowed
Hoping in it’s midst I’m swallowed.

At the crossroad of pain I stood
Asked by myself, “why rejected by my hood”?
Tis that I owe luck it tax?
As it splits me up with its axe.

Loving was all I wanted
But sacking was what I was granted.
I wished to loot banks for love
But drained on the crucifix was my love.

On the empty streets I travel
Seeking answers for my to unravel.
As I hear the churchbell ring
I knew my goodbye, the birds sing.

Whistling away its tune is the wind
Making creaking sounds with the hinge.
I hear the tune not worthy if its voice
Who in the world would make this choice?

Walking in the town of pain
With love ceasing to rain.
Making dry my lips
As I breath into my ribs.

Looking up from my spot;
I knew I was caught.
Scanning through my eye
My worries you diagnosed.

Ye raised the beating of hearts
Like the war drum with chants.
Knowing my lack will make me rot;
I was fed love from the broken pot.

A feast I never will quit
If forever, then so be it!
Decorating me with the words of royalties.
As I jolly about like teletabies.
Cos’ from the broken pot,
I was fed love.

Haymaker © 2015


Posted: February 7, 2015 in VILLAGE ROMANCE


I yawn with the smile of love on my lips.
With the fairies of love dancing in my heart;
Thier tappings increase the beat of my heart.
The joy of my troubled heart.
Spinning in my own circus
You ride on a unicorn
Flying above the roar of lions.
As I watch from the bear’s cave.

For you Im called a fool;
Flourishing in love,
Outsmarting the eyes of haters
Over the bridge of your beauty
Low I will bow for you.
On the streets of love
I raise your monument.
In the eyes of onlookers;
I avail myself for a kiss.

Unicorn of beauty
Fairy of magnificence
Sorceress of genuity
Demon of love
I thirst for thine elixor
For I wish not to blink
Cos’ I may lose thine holy sight
In eternity I wish to wear the scales of love.

Haymaker ©2015


Posted: January 29, 2015 in VILLAGE ROMANCE
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Painting my sky white;
With the glow of sweetness.
Coating my heart with the tongue of a cupid.
Ye built me the castle of “I love you”
As I explored your garden of ” I miss you”.

Ye walked me to the pool of true love
That which I hope to bathe in life.
Sipping from your lips, I saw the throne of love.
There, I pray to worship till the sun sets.
Suffocating with love, I breath in your beauty.

Wind of darkeness clouds our world
As the enemies plough our land
Distance has done its part
The general of distraction rules our world.
I pray your bow, to shoot my heart again.
For its you I yearn to bleed for.

Haymaker ©2015


Posted: January 10, 2015 in VILLAGE ROMANCE


Low low low I go
In my train I travel
Riding down the tunnel
Into the world unknown
I blow my horn to announce my presence

Low low low I sink
In its strings Im tied
Swimming to its shore
I find myself on its island
With a heroe’s welcome

Low low low I fall
Stripping down my last will
Taking my sword for a toothpick
I sit in its chambers
With nothing but my heart.

Low low low I want
In this bed I will sleep
For I taste the grapes of pure genuity
I leave my soul to its directions
Low low low I stay for love.

The Haymaker ©2015


Posted: January 7, 2015 in VILLAGE ROMANCE



Like a waterfall it comes
Flowing with unending waves
Causing you to dance to its tune
Wet with it
Leaves it traces in the eye
The dancing flames of love.

Like the sunrise
It peeks into your life as if a window
It brings that sweet feeling like honey
That you wish to lick till heaven falls
Rising up the real you

Like the music
It gives the rythm to your heartbeat
The conductor of your dance parttern
Soothing to the ear
Satisfaction of the heart
The jingle of life

Like the desert
It comes with hardships
Yet houses the living
Dry it may become
Takes the courageous
To water its seeds
Regermination is always possible
It takes you to find out

The Haymaker ©2015


Posted: November 19, 2014 in VILLAGE ROMANCE


From the rumbles of the sea,
A glow of light i can see.
Dancing on waves of Poseidon
As I yearn for the heavenly kingdom.
Followed by the legion of fishes
For your beauty exudes nature.

On this shore I lay
For by your feet I shall play
Decorating your presence is the sun.
The song of beauty the birds hum
As you brighten the shores with elegance.
I bow to your deligence.

Ye are the hope in my life
Cutting through me like the sacred knife.
I forever bleed for your existence.
Loving you, the divine persistence.
I yearn for thine blessing
The holy kiss worth fighting.

The Haymaker ©2014


Posted: October 16, 2014 in VILLAGE ROMANCE


As hard as the pyramid of Giza
Crazy like the workers of Babel
Boiling up the hormones of mankind.
Black as it may seem,
But purer like the holy garment
From the ancient brewery
The hope of every feminine heart
As the men yearn for its powers.

Its softness like the melting butter.
Erupting with care and true loviness
Causing a turn around on in rocky hearts
Making we fumble for thine embrace.
Black on black a blend of genuine africanism.
Gushing through every livong pore like a volcano
Shaking up the roots of firmness like an earthquake.
Such is the spell of african love.

The Haymaker ©2014