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Posted: August 7, 2017 in HARD NUTS, THE HAYMAKER
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A face for a moment ,
An expression for the second,
A life for the season,
A smile for the hour,
A cry for the minute.

She lives a life only she can explain
I try to dilute her gestures
Only to have it in high concentration
The many face god
Why choose me for a visit??

To be continued…

#THMpoetry © 2017



Glory be to GOD for having 3 nominations.
Hoping to win them all.
Step by step we going higher
All support is required
Step by step we shall make it.

#THMpoetry © 2017


Glory be to GOD for having 3 nominations.
Hoping hope to win them all.
Step by step we going higher

#THMpoetry © 2017


Posted: September 22, 2016 in THE HAYMAKER, Uncategorized

Solid is my heart like a rock

Yet soluble ,

Mean is my nature

Yet caring

Hateful are my ways

Yet loving

Harsh are my words

Yet truthful

Unfriendly is my style

Yet kind

Life is but an oar in sea

Each action drives you towards an end



I smile at you

You frown at me

I appreciate your efforts

You spit on my works

I praise you before others

You stab me behind my back

I trust you to help

You trust your wits to pull me down

I remember you in my prayers

You avail me to the conjurer

Life is but an oar in the sea

Each action drives you towards an end




Posted: December 27, 2015 in THE HAYMAKER


On the boat of joy I hail
With a genuine smile I wave
Though made sorrows made me wail
It is joy my heart crave

The mood has changed
As the pulse of heartbeat has risen
For with love I have danced
Cos I am part of the chosen.

Decorated in red and white
Like the page boy of Santa
As bright as the sun
I march on to take my Fanta

For I wish to make a toast
Happy Christmas
Even to the fish on the coast
I say Merry Xmas


The Haymaker ©2015


Posted: December 7, 2015 in NATURE, THE HAYMAKER


Weighed down by stress
Depriving me of rest
Suiting me up in a tired dress
I knew i had to take  solace.

Solace not of man
For I fear for my secrets
But solace in thine arms
Is what I yearned for

On your enormous lap I sat
As I rested my troubled head.
I watched as you danced:
The dance of the waves

Nursing my troubles
With the voice of the sea
As you  whispered to me
Through the soothing wind

Never did I want to part  from you
For every moment with you was special
Being robbed by time,
The moment of goodbyes dawned

Ye told me a goodbye story
As my phone beeped low battery
I knew i had to take a selfie
For its worth the memory.

© The Haymaker 2015


At the dawn creation
Odomankomah’s consecration
The birds chirped and sang
The waters slept still 
As the moon failed to blink its eye.
The wind moved  soothingly
Whistling to ease the tension
For a great gift to humanity
Was in the protruded belly .

At the break of the sky
By the  rays of the rising sun
As it marches to its station
The gift of leadership was born
A true beauty of selflessness
It leaked of dedication
As it carried the smile of transparency.
Then it cried!
The cry of unity

A genuine gift from Almighty
He ushers unto us gently
A gift of strength
Home of authority
Not to oppress but to care
A means to build not demolish
Leadership is of humbleness
A gift worth grabbing
A gift worth ages and centuries.

The Haymaker © 2015

© The Haymaker 2015


Posted: October 5, 2015 in HARD NUTS, THE HAYMAKER
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Weighing down on me are my thoughts.
Raining down on me each second with the oughts .
Passing each moment like a novel
Filled with so many characters
That I wonder how big my head is.

Tossing and rolling on an empty bed,
Through the contours of my viens
Into the knuckles that clutch this pen
Causing it to move according to it’s waves
Like the ballet dancer to her tune.

My mind is at work,
My brain never seize to sigh.
Though I ask myself why,
I know its the surge to aim high
That has been society’s cry.

Holding fast onto my head
Like the beast who just missed being fed.
Hoping to make all seem clear
For that’s all I can bear
With this crown of thoughts I wear.

© The Haymaker 2015


Posted: July 24, 2015 in THE HAYMAKER


Awer3how  nye h3n redzi apempem
Our eyes still flood with your memories
Clothing our minds with remembrance
As our hearts fold itself to mourn
Egya Atta we miss thine smiles.
Leaving us we prayed it never came
Our mouths just seems too heavy to bid its farewell.

Ye gave us the reason to hope.
Ghana sat on your lap
As you natured it with peace
Asomdwee hen y3 ma mbo
Death has done its worse
But you still live with us
Your fight for nation runs in our veins.

You craved for justice
Our light as Fantes
We shall sing your name without scratches
Clearing our nation from vices
We shall build on your chances
We pray you ride on peaceful tides
As you join the party of our ancestors.

All copyrights reserved Haymaker ©2015


Lucy Peprah Tawiah

A shoulder worth crying on
Making the dreams of the unknown known.
How come you’re not a saint?
From the corridors of my village
You bade me welcome

A mother worth running to.
Giving rise to all
Sensing the pain of many;
As you calm it with thine words.
Putting to sleep the troubled.

Low you bow, for humility.
Unifying the souls of writers
Creating the home we always wished for.
Yielding the fruits we all craved.
Ye have been a temple of hope

The beacon of one ness
Providing the arms of comfort
Embracing us with our dirty feet’s
Passion for the word we provide
Ye are the living Muse.

This poem is dedicated to Lucy Peprah Tawiah. A mother to many. This is my way of saying thank you. Thank You mother.

All copyrights reserved Haymaker ©2015