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Goodnight to the world
As sleep sings me a lullaby
Putting it’s glue on my eyes
Goodnight to the world.

#THMpoetry © 2017



Posted: December 7, 2015 in NATURE, THE HAYMAKER


Weighed down by stress
Depriving me of rest
Suiting me up in a tired dress
I knew i had to take  solace.

Solace not of man
For I fear for my secrets
But solace in thine arms
Is what I yearned for

On your enormous lap I sat
As I rested my troubled head.
I watched as you danced:
The dance of the waves

Nursing my troubles
With the voice of the sea
As you  whispered to me
Through the soothing wind

Never did I want to part  from you
For every moment with you was special
Being robbed by time,
The moment of goodbyes dawned

Ye told me a goodbye story
As my phone beeped low battery
I knew i had to take a selfie
For its worth the memory.

© The Haymaker 2015


Life folds and unfolds
Like the mat of a bedwetter ,
It carries an unbearable stench
But a perfume to the bedwetter
It twists and turns
Like the braids of Sisala woman.
Leading to a dark nowhere
Like the path to the graveyard
Though it sometimes leads somewhere
Like rout to a banquet
Hmm mbr3 abrab) tse nye no.

It runs on the decisions
Like the roll coaster on its rails
Though sometimes presents you with none.
It comes at you with unlimited puzzles
Like the app for brain boosting.
But with limited answers.
Like the principle of Economics
Life they say ,
Is how you make it
Like the craft of the blacksmith
What if there nothing to make it
Like the painter without his paint
Hmm mbr3 )bra tse yen .

© The Haymaker 2015


Posted: July 19, 2015 in NATURE
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Where I want to be
Soaring high above the earth
With no worries
There I want to be

In thine light;
My love shall glow,
For thine exuberance energizes me
Behind the moon I want to be.

Thine beauty explains nature
Its essence lies in thine magnificence
Oh beauty, I wish to ride on your back.
My behind you I shall make my abode

Gentle and soothing it shall be;
As I drank in the beauty of stars.
Soaking my ear, with the music of the night.
All I see shall be of classiness

My eyes now free itself of tears
For my heart’s wish seems afar
Who shall carry me there?
For behind the moon my heads aims to rest.

All copyrights reserved Haymaker ©2015


Posted: June 7, 2015 in NATURE
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All copyright reserved © Haymaker 2015

Tales Of The Blacksmith

Posted: June 4, 2015 in NATURE
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To who does judgment come to?
Is it he that merits?
Or he that knows not of his deeds?
By the fire, my day I live.
With the intense heat my worth I carve
Dealing with different shades of metal
My future I uphold
Forgetting the number of times I strike
For its beauty I crave at all times.

Why still live in the blackness of our doom
I talk of our negligence of duty
Is it what we claimed as heritage
Or our gift for the unborn
Does not our tongue tire from repeating itself?
I ask Ye who is to blaim?
As we close our eyes upon those that hurt us.
Only to open them to those of no need
Are we not tender than the core of metal?

Even the hardest metal agrees to a change.
Our ignorance rides on the ferry of “I Don’t Care”
The words of the unwise
Be not of the fools kingdom
For only he ignores that which is important.
“Bia )tomfo no b) Kai Kai no…
The sole anthem of the blacksmith
I pray you avail yourself
For only you can sing your lyrics.

Nanabayin Asaam

All copyrights reserved Haymaker © 2015

All copyright reserved © Haymaker 2015


Posted: December 9, 2014 in NATURE
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Agoo! me ma hom akyeoo
I am the unwelcome guest
I come with the tongue of Odomankoma
He who has consecrated me me for this quest
He boils with fury
For his footstool is weary
Brethren!, why act like the chameleon?
The earth’s cry is worth a trillion

In this filth we claim our world
Though we hear the word
Blaming HIM for our worries
As though we throw not our cowries
Why rise where we die ?
Until when we we stop to lie?
Cursing the aged indoors
But we avail ourselves to the the legion of “Yareba”
)man yi y3 h3n man
Ghana y3 h3n daakye
Not only to Farkye
But also to Kwakye

The Haymaker © 2014


Posted: November 20, 2014 in NATURE


Under the wide shade of the ageless baobab
Around the log-fires
Amid the chants and shouts of the children
When the sun has cast down it majestic rays
And the birds had retired to their nests
When the moon is out to lit the earth with burgeoning excitement
And the fireflies display their prowess in high spirits
When the elders sit back in their armchairs
Gazing the beauties of the sky
And meditating on the transcendence of nature
Then,voices are heard
Voices deep enough
To vibrate the atmosphere

Goes the prelude of a symphony
Incessantly the crickets sing
Singing so high and ecstatically
To praise the night
For the its charming breezes
Echoing through the woods
All through the woods
Are the seducing choruses of the crickets
Penetrating deep into the night
Are their melodious chants
Chants that can woo the twigs of the trees

Goes the melodies
Striking at the hearts of woods
Melodies so tantalizing
To lure the sleepless brat into deep slumber
O how i’m in love with your enchanting choruses
Choruses evoking imagery of recitation
Recitation so strong
To drag the reluctant soul into nature’s cleavage

O ye wonderful creatures!
How i wish to partake in your merrymaking
Your shrill voices piercing the heart of the air
You charm the night with your mellifluous voices
Your shrills,chants and recitations
All representing the eternal beauty of poetry.

The Haymaker ©2014

This poem is dedicated to my dear friend Eunice Oppong Hillary.


Posted: August 15, 2014 in NATURE


Scattered on the eyes man
Seeming disorganised to the mind.
Yet appealing to our concience.
Brightening the darkest gallows
Lightening the passion of the inner us.
Making us yearn for the howl of the wolf
The declaration of hearts.

Ye are the best seer.
Telling us fortunes unheard of,
Changing the dreams of our being.
Thus, the director of our destinies.
Handling the flow of emotions.
Emotions hidden in the crust of of our soluble hearts.
Corroding the selfish walls of our selfless path.

As we parade on the highways of sentiments.
Riding in chariots of care
Exerting thine beauty in our hearts.
Watering the pastures of love
The splendour of the first kiss.
We plead for thine exuberance.
Guiding and glowing our steps in splendid shades

The Haymaker © 2014


Posted: August 11, 2014 in NATURE


Ages have seen and cherised your existence.
Moving over the seven seas
Thine dwells deep within
You are the perfect seer
Predicting the sowers reign
Controlling the traders dynasty
You have been the Lord of all
By your arts, freedom befell Israelites.
So great is your world.

But I ask oh Clouds.
Whence will thou stay?
Ye are an observer of every existence.
Will thou ever pause for a sigh
Or ye travell an unfinished assignment.
Great decorator of the skies.
Conducter of the seas.
Ye make home for the lost
For it is your face we stare
Whence cometh trouble

Thw Haymaker © 2014