Posted: April 29, 2015 in THE NEGRO
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)ban no d3n?
B)n b3n na medze y33 wo?
D3 edze adaadaa dze ebowia me yaayaw
Aww b)n b3n?
Hw3 d3 me nf3fo dze awer3how tse h)
Aso dem na nyames3m kyer3 wo?
Anaa ny3 d3m na ese?
)dabraba nyi me ma wo mbo!

Kyer3 me nka p)t) kasa
Dzaa ed3 etse no a
You come my land
We live here in asomdwee
Yes! we are asomdwee
You come say God God God!
You think say we know know?
We pray to Onyame.

Is He teach you to take freedom?
Is He lead you to us??
Then I say He is not God
You say you pure
I say you dirty!
Yes you are!
My father’s blood is on you

Afei tsei ma )nto wo d3
Ami nye me ara
Wo adaadaa ntom nhy3 me kan do
Fa wo akotorka d33d3w no fi ha fir
Na m)ko ama me amanbr3
)no na )kyer3 me b)new
Na ny3 dzaa aba do nyi bia
Dzaa me w) no ky3n wo egudze
That is who I am.

All copyright reserved © Haymaker 2015


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